AVMS SaaS is a product service offered by First Genesis Professional Services, Inc.  First Genesis offeres expertise and services that help business and technology leaders yeild maximum value from their IT organization.  Our products and services improve the alignment of business and IT strategies, the delivery of IT solutions, modernization and data analytics, the management of supplier chains, and the protection of sensitive data.

Our Experienced technology management consultants provide creative and actionable solutions that facilitate the sharing of information between organizations, communities, and individuals.  First Genesis consultants draw upon a considerable store of experience in management and technology and are recognized subject matter experts in their respected fields.

The two complementary, interrelated divisions of First Genesis allow us to provide our customers with the best solutions possible.  Our professional services division, which includes our Consulting Services group, focuses on projects that serve clients with complex problems requiring innovative technical solutions.  The technical challenges identified by the professional services division fuel the work of the other crucial division of First Genesis - product solutions.

Once First Genesis has identified a customer's need, groundbreaking products like our Mobius Health Information Services Exchange (MHISE) and Advanced Vendor Management System (AVMS) allow us to deliver effective technology solutions.  The collaboration of our professional services and product solutions divisions allows us maximum efficiency and innovation in finding the right solutions for our clients.

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